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According popular legends, the tradition of Campofilone’s pasta begins in 1400; infact, in the description of a particular recipe “Maccheroncini fini fini” are mentioned. The first certain documents go back to the Council of Trento in 1560 relating to this pasta as “angel’s hair”, and describing it with the following words, “They are so thin that they melt in your mouth”. The old recipe was handed down unchanged: the dough, prepared with the best durum wheat flour and fresh eggs, without adding water, is laid down in thin layers, cut into thin wires with great skill and dried on the famous and characteristic sheets of paper.

In 2013 “Maccheroncini di Campofilone” get I.G.P recognition. The official document mentions the name of Nello Spinosi as the exclusive owner of the first laboratory for the production of Maccheroncini.
“Maccheroncini di Campofilone” are distinguished from all other pasta thanks to the subtlety of their pastry and their fine cut. These features allow the product to have a very low cooking time equal to 1 minute in boiling water or even directly into the warm sauce without being previously boiled.
Vincenzo Spinosi, with great rigour and absolute faithfulness to tradition, still uses the whole master craftsmanship handed down by his family.