Vincenzo Spinosi,  Entrepreneur, Chef and Promoter is an extroverted, explosive, lively personality, whose inexhaustible enthusiasm infects those around him.

He needs to communicate with the world and uses all the latest technological expedients to establish contact with professional gourmet figures in the most glittering international cities. And when the attraction of important events risks waning, he jumps on the first aeroplane and takes to the air…

The “Spinosini” is identified as a typical product of Marche Region. The name is the result of a study done in collaboration with the Marche Region and the Faculty of Agriculture of University in Ancona. The Spinosini are different from other egg pasta because enriched with Omega 3. The Spinosini is an egg pasta with a thickness of 1 square millimetre, as spaghettini, they are mixed using durum wheat semolina and fresh eggs enriched with Omega 3. The artisanal production is using bronze die-plate and cast iron rollers (hence the pasta is porous) and finally cut.

Once the Spinosini are cut, they are laid on the back of a knife with great care. After, the pasta is put on a sheet of white paper, that must be folded on the edges to begin the drying-process. This process starts under a low temperature and it lasts for about 24-36 hours. The Spinosini 2000 with Omega 3 have a limited production, about 70 Kg in 1 hour, so it isn’t easy to find it in the market.