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In 1933 the Spinosi brand was founded, the first one that features and enhances the ancient tradition of homemade pasta in Italy and worldwide. Campofilone; one of the pearls of Marche region which enjoys the salty breath of the Adriatic sea. In this wonderful scene, Spinosi family begins her evolution, from a homemade small production to the undisputed world notoriety while keeping untouched the original recipe.

In 1933, during his business trips to Rome, Nello Spinosi, the first protagonist of the long history of Campofilone homemade pasta, used to bring the maccheroncini made by her tireless wife Maria as a gift to his customers. At that time, there were no household appliances, but only expert hands could give goodness to a simple mixture.
The Roman gourmets started to appreciate his maccheroncini more and more so that Nello had the intuition to sell them. He created the first package for sale and the first laboratory in Campofilone for his homemade production. Thus the commercialization of an ancient product so far limited to a domestic consumption began. It was from this small but important family business story that our Maccheroncini went beyond the edge of our small village, to become one of the most famous Italian products in the world.
The ancient Spinosi trademark can today count nearly a century of history. Three generations succeeded in the development and management of the company with the same passion and commitment: Nello Spinosi first, Vincenzo Spinosi then, and nowdays Marco and Riccardo.