While Nello Spinosi is acknowledged to be the owner of the first laboratory in Campofilone for the production of Maccheroncini, Vincenzo has the merit of having grown and improved it creating new products and exporting them
outside Italian borders.
Thanks to the unquestionable quality of his products and his overflowing congeniality he has been able to charm the “New World” and still is. In one of his first trips overseas, at more than 10,000 meters of altitude, in the legendary “Concorde”, he cooked his Maccheroncini for the delight and amazement of the entire crew and passengers.
In the coming years several famous encounters definitely confirmed his continuous path toward success: actors, celebrities, stars of the sports, they all wanted to see and taste the extraordinary creations by Vincenzo Spinosi. On many occasions his name was accompanied and associated with the most important fashion brands: in this way, our homegrown product evolved his image and fame.

The best restaurants in the world include Spinosi’s products in their menus. The most reliable world-renowned chefs
choose Spinosini, SpinoBelli and Spinosina in the creations of their dishes. In 2004 Spinosini were even chosen and served to Pope John Paul II, and now they also appear in the menu of one of the most famous hotels in the world, the sevenstar “Burj Al Arab” in Dubai.
And even if Vincenzo Spinosi has received his many awards, such as the “Five Star Diamond Awards” by the Accademy of Hospital and Sciences of New York or if he proudly shows the universe of newspaper articles of all over the world describing and celebrating him , he is still a simple and humble man, “mixed with authenticity.”